Meet Salty on the Coast

The ocean here on the Sunshine Coast of Canada is beautiful and clean, and the ocean is where we start.

Every salt crystal that Salty on the Coast harvests is by hand, with love.  We haul the water up to our harvesting location where first we strain the water free of seaweed and ocean debris.  Then, to ensure our salt is clean and fit for consumption we run it through a filtration system three times over before we start the evaporation process.  To evaporate the water from the salt our two processing options are boiling or solar exposure.  

Salty on the Coast is a small town business that has a focus on local farmers markets and family owned stores.  We make our salt in small batches and we select the locations that we harvest from with thoughtfulness.  In fact, we label which beach we harvest the salt from on every package of salt we sell. 

We launched Salty on the Coast in May 2020 and for the summer of 2020 we are keeping it simple with perfect unflavoured, unprocessed, natural British Columbian sea salt.  For those of the culinary sort, coming September 2020 - keep your eyes peeled for some impressive Salty creations.



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